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Yes, as the department of Political Science and International Relations, we are planning to set up graduate programs both on the Political Science and International Relations domains. Moreover, it is planning to launch interdisciplinary master programs with the collaboration of Economics and Business Administration departments.

Yes, students are expected to meet their academic adviser at least two times in the semester. In these meetings, students would determine their class routes and selection of the courses in these routes together with their advisers in accordance with their graduate job preferences.

 Each and very students determine her/his  class routes and classes in these routes  together with  her/his academic adviser in accordance with her/his own pursuits.

Internship is compulsory for the students of Political Science and International Relations department. Our students can do their internship in summer time and mid-term breaks at the public institutions like Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Grand National Assembly of Turkey (TBMM) or international institutions such as United Nations, World Bank in addition to the national and international think-tanks.