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Career Opportunities

The Political Science and International Relations program prepares the students for a wide range of careers both in the national and international arena. The graduates get access to public institutions such as The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Ministry of Economy, The Undersecretariat of Treasury, The Ministry for European Union Affairs; private or public banks; national and multinational companies; the news media; international organizations, administrative bodies and non-governmental organizations. Graduates may also pursue academic careers and go on to further graduate training programs.

Our department attaches utmost significance to the employment prospects of its graduates and provides opportunities for enhancing employability through annual career plans developed in collaboration with Political Science and International Relations practitioners. To that end, departmental policies include provision of information on both employment and internship opportunities, organization of periodic visits to various state institutions, international organizations and NGOs that recruit Political Science and International Relations experts, encourage participation in extra-curricular projects such as student conferences and workshops.

"International institutions ought to be, as the national ones in democratic countries, established by the peoples and for the peoples." Henri La Fontaine